How to solve Norton Error Unable To Continue 80047ec6

Norton antivirus is a famous security program that offers various advanced tools and features that can keep your data and device secure from all the dangerous threats. Norton’s powerful scan removes all the malicious threats from the PC easily. Norton clears out all the malware like viruses, Trojan Horses, spyware, bots, adware, etc with one system scan. Norton product key activation provides a smart firewall that monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure that no one is stealing the data. Norton has various advanced features to secure your data and network. But some people reported a few Norton related errors. One of the common Norton errors faced by many Norton users is Norton errors unable to Continue 80047ec6. This error appears and the Norton scanning program gets interrupted.

Causes of Norton error 80047ec6:

Your Norton program files get deleted mistakenly

Temporary files are corrupting your scanning programs

Windows files get corrupted

Error in your registry files

You have a conflicting program on your PC

Symptoms of Norton error 80047ec6:

Norton scanning process gets interrupted and the error message appears on the screen

You will get the Norton error while shutting down your Windows

Norton error appears when you are running another program

Unable to open Norton dashboard

Solutions for fixing Norton error 80047ec6:

Check the Windows files

If the Windows files get corrupted then you have to fix those files otherwise you will get various runtime errors. Finding the correct Windows files is difficult. But you can use the Windows File Checker tool for restoring all the corrupted files. This tool scans and restores all the corruption on your Windows files. Here are the steps for using the Windows System File Checker tool:

Close all running programs on Windows PC

Click on the Start button

Type command on the search bar

Hold shift and ctrl keys simultaneously

Now hit the Enter button

Permission prompt will appear on the screen

Hit the Yes button

You will see a black box with a blinking cursor (Command screen)

Type sfc/scannow on your command prompt

System File Checker tool will appear on the screen

Follow the on-screen commands for completing the process. This process will take some time to complete. Wait until you get a scanning report on the screen. It will show you a list of files that are corrupted and being restored. Now close all the running programs and restart the PC. Open the Norton dashboard and try to scan your device.

Undo the changes on PC

Sometimes, a small change in your PC can corrupt your various processes. If you are getting this Norton error after making any changes on your device then try undoing the changes. You can restore all the changes manually. You can also make use of the Windows system restore. Windows system restore tool can revert all the changes on your device to previous times. Here are the steps for restoring the changes on Windows device:

Close the running program

Click on Start menu

Type System Restore

You may get a permission prompt on the screen

Enter the admin password

Follow the on-screen commands for completing the restoration process. Choose the time from when you want to revert the changes. After restoring all the changes; restart your device. Now check whether your error gets fixed or not. If your Norton antivirus is still showing the error then you should seek other solutions.

Remove the system junk

System junk acquires lots of free space on your device. But you may not be aware that sometimes, this system junk can also create conflict with other programs. Junk like temporary files, cookies, caches, etc can interrupt your other programs. So, you should remove all the junk from the device regularly. Type %temp% in the search bar of the Windows device. Press the enter button and you will be redirected to the Temporary files folder. Now select all the files from the folder and press the delete button. Wait for completing the process. Now open the web browser. Remove all the browser junk. You can use the disk cleanup tool for removing the junk. Follow the steps given below for removing the junk files from the Windows device:

Close all your running programs

Go to the Start button

Type command on the search bar

Hold ctrl and shift keys

Press the Enter button

You will get a permission box on the screen

Click on Yes button

The command screen will appear on the screen (black box with blinking cursor)

Type cleanmgr

Hit the Enter button

A disk cleanup tool will appear on the desktop. It will scan your PC for all the programs or files you can delete from the disk. A list of checkboxes will appear on the screen. Check the boxes you want to remove from the computer. Press the OK button and then all the files will get removed from the PC. Now open the Norton dashboard and click on the scan option. If your Norton antivirus is still showing error while scanning then you should ask for technical support.

Reinstall Norton antivirus

If the Norton program files get corrupted or deleted then you should reinstall a fresh Norton setup on your device. Before uninstalling Norton antivirus, make sure you are carrying your Norton key. You may require the key while reinstalling the Norton antivirus. Make use of Norton Remove and Reinstall tool for reinstalling Norton antivirus. Follow the steps given below:

Open a web browser and search for Norton Remove and Reinstall tool

Download the setup

Go to Downloads and double-click on Norton Remove and Reinstall setup

End-User License Agreement will appear on the desktop

Read the User License and press the Agree button

Now go to Advanced Option

Click on Remove and Reinstall option

Now restart your device and follow the on-screen instructions for completing the Norton reinstallation process. Once you complete Norton installation; go to the desktop and click on the Norton icon. Tap the scan option and provide a full scan to your computer. If you are still getting the same error then contact Norton team for help.